Castile Resources LTD

Fully Funded 10,000m High Grade Gold and Copper Drilling Program


Castile Resources has commenced the 2021 drilling program on the 100% owned Rover Mineral Field with a focus on the PFS at Rover 1 and the high impact gold and copper targets all located within 30kms of the Rover 1 infrastructure. There are four targets of the 2021 drilling program:

ROVER 1 PROJECT – Targeting High Grade Gold and Copper Zones

A Pre-Feasibility Study is underway at Rover 1 on the high grade “bonanza” gold and copper zones that are similar to the super-rich gold lenses historically mined in the Tennant Creek goldfields. More intense drilling will determine the continuity of the large value of gold and copper metal dependent on each intercept.

EXPLORER 108 PROSPECT – Targeting High Grade Primary Copper System

Explorer 108 has defined a lead-zinc discovery with a polymetallic resource of approximately 12Mt @ 3.24% Zn, 2.00% Pb and 11.1/t Ag.  The primary copper system is yet to be defined and will be the target of this program.

EXPLORER 142 PROSPECT – Targeting High Grade Gold Zone

Explorer 142 has defined an Inferred copper resource of 176kt @ 5.21% Cu. Drilling will target extensions of this resource and bonanza grade gold ore shoots.

ROVER 3 – Targeting High Grade IOCG Deposit

The target at Rover 3 is a gold-copper deposit similar to Rover 1 which is the typical Tennant Creek high grade IOCG ore system.


Rover 1:

High Impact Definition Drilling to Enhance the Pre-Feasibility Study


The video shows the underground view of some of the work being done for the Rover 1 Pre-Feasibility Study. It displays the current mining plan, previously announced high grade drilling results and the areas targeted for exploration drilling to expand the size of the project

Watch the video to see the underground view of the Rover 1 Project