Rover 1

Rover 1 Prospect

The 2020 drilling program at Rover 1 returned fantastic results including 30.4m @ 35.6 g/t Au and 1.46% Cu in Hole 20CRD001 which has changed the way we view the overall gold zone within the Jupiter lode. It revealed high grade “bonanza” gold zones of relatively concentrated dimensions. These are similar to the super-rich gold lenses historically mined in the Tennant Creek goldfields and require more intense drilling to validate their continuity due to the large value of gold and copper metal dependent on each intercept.


The incorporation of data collated in the 2020 drill season enabled a re-interpretation of the fluid pathways and a hypothesis that the Jupiter Deeps structure may actually be the depth extension of the Jupiter West orebody which in-turn continues at depth through to the Ganymede intercepts.